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SBR Florenso

By SBR Group

East Bengaluru



Possession -2027

From ₹ 1.76


Vista by Modern Spaaces

By Modern Spaaces

East Bengaluru



Possession -2027

From ₹ 1.5


Adarsh Welkin Park

By Adarsh Developers

East Bengaluru



Possession -2028

From ₹ 1.73


Prestige Camden Gardens

By Prestige Group

North Bengaluru

3, 4 BHK


Possession -2027

From ₹ 1.89


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Denz Realtors a cutting-edge technology and insightful data to guide every home buyer. Our footprints start from the city of Banglore with a motto of aggressive expansion plans to expand in more cities around the nation.

Many aspects are required to be considered while purchasing a home. Either investment or end use, here we consult every minute detail of the current market and strategize the process with the facilitation of video conference meetings which ease the process of shortlisting the property based on the requirements.

We assist from purchasing a home to helping them with loan facilities & even construction with the hassle-free transaction.

Frequently Asked question

Yes, typically, you’ll need a down payment to buy a house. The down payment is a percentage of the home’s purchase price, usually ranging from 3% to 20% or more, depending on the lender and your creditworthiness. A larger down payment can often lead to better loan terms and a lower monthly mortgage payment. It’s an essential part of the home-buying process, so saving for a down payment is crucial when planning to purchase a house.

Location is a critically important factor when buying a house. It can significantly impact your quality of life, resale value, and daily conveniences. Factors such as neighborhood safety, proximity to schools, work, amenities, and the overall appeal of the area all play a vital role. A good location can enhance the long-term value of your investment and your overall satisfaction with your home, making it one of the most crucial considerations when purchasing real estate

You don’t necessarily require a broker when choosing a house, but they can provide valuable expertise and convenience. Brokers have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, access to listings, and negotiation skills. They can save you time, help you find suitable properties, and assist with paperwork. However, some buyers prefer to go directly to listings or use online resources. It’s a personal choice, but having a broker can simplify the home-buying process.

Some builders may offer Vaastu-compliant designs as a selling point, while others may not place as much emphasis on it. It depends on the builder’s target market and the demand for such designs in the specific region. Buyers interested in Vaastu-compliant properties should inquire about it and choose builders who specialize in or offer such designs. It’s important to communicate your preferences clearly when working with a builder to ensure your home aligns with your beliefs and requirements.

When buying a flat in Bangalore from a builder, it’s essential to review several key documents. These include the title deed, approved building plan, occupancy certificate, sale agreement, and allotment letter to ensure the property’s legality and your ownership rights. Additionally, confirm the builder’s compliance with tax payments, obtainment of necessary NOCs, and adherence to completion and possession schedules. Always consult with a legal expert to guide you through the process and protect your interests when purchasing a flat from a builder in Bangalore.

To buy a flat in Bangalore, follow these steps:

1. Set a Budget

2. Research Locations

3. Find a Reputable Builder

4. Property Search

5. Visit the Property

6. Verify Legal Documents

7. Negotiate the Price

8. Secure Financing

9. Close the Deal

10. when is Possession and Registration

11. Post-Purchase Checks

12. Resale Value

13. Engaging a real estate expert or legal advisor can be beneficial throughout the process to ensure a smooth and secure flat purchase in Bangalore.

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